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Lavish Limousine's Tips on Renting
When renting a limousine it is important to consider a number of factors other than price. Your special day demands the best of everything. And you need not settle for anything but the best. When talking to prospective limousine companies, keep in mind some of the following...
Cars are usually rented by the car or the package.
When talking to limousine companies, find out what is included and what is not included in the hourly rate or package. Many times what appears to be a great package deal ends up costing far more after the ride is over and you receive the bill. Find out weather your time starts at pickup or when the car leaves the shop; are there mileage charges or additional charges for beverages and ice. Also, be sure to find out if the color, make and model or size of the car you are renting is guaranteed. These questions can be come major issues when your day arrives.
Can you preview the cars before you rent them?

This is extremely important! Anyone can make an attractive sales and advertisement. Make sure you are getting what you see. Ask to see the car or model you will be riding in prior to the special day, if the company cannot show you what you are paying for in advance, start looking elsewhere.

Does the company care about my special day?
Your wedding is the most important day of your life, Pay special attention to phone manners and attitudes. Does the company have a person on duty to answer your questions or do they call you back in a timely manner? Are they taking time to fully understand what you want or merely trying to sell you something. And do they take the time to determine how much time you really need to ensure your event moves smoothly.
Does the company have the proper insurance and licenses?
Every year many unauthorized companies spring up to take advantage of the 'in season' increases in limousine demand. Ask if the company has the proper insurance and licenses to operate a limousine company within your area. Ask to see them when you go by the company to preview your prospective limousine. Also, ask for the limousine company's PSC #, this stands for Public Service Commission. This commission regulates the Taxi and Limousine industry. To see if a company is in good standing telephone (410) 767-8128. If they are not in good standing, chances are that other aspects of their service will not be in good order as well.
Be sure to ask for references.
it is not unusual to ask a company for a list of references. Find out if they have worked with any of the local Halls, Photographers, or other wedding professionals. If they seem to dance around the question or will not provide references you might want to look elsewhere.
Compare Apples to Apples......
Get the best value! Sometimes the best value is not the cheapest price. It is very easy to pick a limousine based on price alone. However, you will find a great difference between the quality of vehicle and more importantly the level of service amongst companies. We cannot emphasize enough to compare companies on a service level to get your best value. Don't take a chance, your event is too important.
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